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IPTV Courses

Onsite Training Courses and Scheduled Training Solutions

Choose from our onsite training solutions and scheduled training courses across a wide range of topics.
Introduction to IPTV Broadcasting Systems
This course provides a high level overview of modern television broadcast systems and infrastructures, with particular focus given to the delivery of TV over the Internet. This will encompass both IPTV and Video on Demand (VoD). The course is designed for delegates who need an introduction to the technology, equipment and network architectures that are being utilised to provide these services. The course also provides a comparison with other broadcast technologies.
Broadcast Essentials for Telecoms and IT Professionals
The course provide delegates with an understanding of the technologies, vocabulary and techniques and used in contemporary television broadcast systems and operations. Packet based delivery of broadcast services such as IPTV and Video on Demand (VoD) are becoming increasingly popular. However for many professionals coming from a Telecoms or IT background, little is understood of traditional broadcast technologies or the requirements for quality of service within those technologies.
IPTV: Internet Protocol Services for TV Distribution and Switching
TV and video delivery systems will increasingly run over networks based upon IP. Engineers need an appreciation of how these services can be deployed reliably in redundant systems. The delivery of this course will be as interactive as possible, integrating demonstrations and hand-on sessions where appropriate. Attendees will be encouraged to ask questions and explore potential problem areas that exist in design and field delivery of services.
IPTV: Advanced Internet Protocol Services for TV Distribution and Switching
A two day training course aimed at experienced systems engineers, integrators, developers and designers who already have a basic understanding of IP and need to upgrade this to better appreciate how reliable distribution, management, troubleshooting and QoS multicast networks can be engineered. TV and video delivery systems increasingly run over networks based upon IP. Engineers need an appreciation of how these services can be deployed reliably in redundant systems.
MPEG-4 and DRM in IPTV
This course will provide for such key staff the expertise needed in modern broadcasting technologies. It will demonstrate some of the encoding of programming and the conversion from one standard to another. It will also address the issues of the changes seen in the playing of media on Windows using Windows Media player and the key aspects of content protection using Digital Rights Management.
Windows Middleware for IPTV
With the development of IPTV and increasing interest in network based TV there is a need to undestand the platform tools available to develop and control TV applications. Microsoft now have many very powerful tools to assist in these developments. This course provides a fast introduction to Microsoft Media and TV Tools.
Hands On Next Generation IPTV Networks
Once Television could only be received over the air, via cable or via satellite. Today TV can be delivered over Internet Protocol (IP) services as well. Indeed many broadband carriers are offering Triple-Play networks where voice telephone, TV and Internet access are carried over the same network. Even Cable and Satellite operators now wish to converge towards this new common IP approach to enable delivery of TV to mobile phones and PCs as well as High Definition TV sets.
Hands On Advanced Next Generation IPTV Networks
Next Generation Triple-Play networks exist today that can deliver Telephony, IPTV and Internet access over common infrastructures. The success of the services running on these networks depend upon the networks being designed, built, configured and managed in a manner that guarantees the service quality needed.
This course provides advanced hands on skills to create, manage and troubleshoot large scale carrier IPTV networks. It enables those attending to learn how to design, configure and build the networks and ensure the delivery of the required quality of service for successful TV delivery.
IPTV Billing
IPTV is a technology that is undergoing very rapid growth, providing a new manner of delivery of programming material to end consumers. With a new technology comes the need to effectively bill for these services and a new era of programme delivery needs radical means of combining pay per view with subscription and account for the impact on billing of viewers watching advertising material.
Understanding DVB-H
This 2-day course provides a technical understanding of how modern television services can be delivered to mobile devices. These devices might be specially equipped telephones, PDAs or Lap-top PCs. To appreciate the different potential services an understanding of Digital Video Broadcasting techniques and encoding is required. Making services mobile brings its own problems that need to be solved with innovative engineering solutions. Different kinds of video and TV service can be offered through mobile devices and the service must be designed to deliver service when and where required.
How to Sell IPTV Networks for Vendors and System Integrators
This 2 day course covers a technical explanation of IPTV networks, architecture and protocols, and is designed for delegates from a sales or marketing role. It also looks at how to size a customer requirement and the key points for selling an NGN IPTV network to service provider or system integrator clients.
How to Sell IPTV Services for Service Providers
This course is a one day introduction to IPTV technology, markets and trading environment for sales people. It explores the key questions that define a customers need for IPTV services, and also how to sell these services.
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