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IPTV Server System

New Danish cable and IPTV service built on Edgeware's Orbit 2x server platform

Other Topics: IPTV Software Development, Mobile TV Encoders

December 19, 2007

Stockholm, Sweden -- Edgeware today announced that Danish cable TV operator Telia Stofa is using the Orbit 2x server system to deliver the on-demand functionality of their new Zaptor service. Edgeware's distributed server solution enables Telia Stofa to smoothly integrate on-demand capabilities into their existing network, in a scalable and future proof architecture. The Zaptor service will offer video on-demand and time-shift TV in SD and HD quality.
"Telia Stofa sees a variety of opportunities in interactive TV. User trials indicate that the market is mature for on-demand services, better TV-signals and that the end users want influence on the programme mix. An important factor for Stofa has been to build an IP-based infrastructure that can be upscaled when the customer base is expanding. We think that the Edgeware Orbit2x server system fulfil our demand for a flexible solution, says Thomas Helbo," development manager at Stofa, TeliaSoneras Danish cable-TV-provider.

Edgeware's Orbit 2x servers, which are capable of delivering 20 Gbps streaming from solid state flash memory, are arranged hierarcically. Distributed Edgeware servers close to the subscribers, deliver the most popular films and TV programmes, while central configurations of the Orbit 2x deliver the full content depth. Content propagation is automatically managed by Edgeware's ConvoyTM system which minimizes the need for core network bandwidth.

"We are honoured to have been selected by Telia Stofa, to power their advanced service. It marks an undisputable recognition of our solution also in a cable environment." says Joachim Roos, CEO of Edgeware. "Telia Stofa is a good example of a customer who sees the benefits of using our network deployed solid state appliances in a decentralized architecture. This is a less expensive, more scalable and smarter way of deploying than stacking generic computers in data centers."

About TeliaSonera and Telia Stofa
TeliaSonera is the leading telecommunications company in the Nordic and Baltic region, with strong positions within mobile communications in Eurasia, Turkey and Russia. At the end of 2006, we launched mobile services in Spain. We are the leading European provider of quality cross-border voice, IP and capacity services, provided through our wholly-owned international carrier network. In 2006, TeliaSonera's net sales amounted to SEK 91 billion, and at the end of March 2007 the total number of customers exceeded 100 million in 15 countries. The TeliaSonera share is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and the Helsinki Stock Exchange, and the company is included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Simplicity and service are important tools for us in creating profitable growth and value for our customers and shareholders. Read more at www.teliasonera.com

TeliaSonera's broadband business unit in Denmark consists of Stofa and Telia Broadband. Stofa supplies consumers with cable-tv and broadband via antenna and residential associations. Read more at www.stofa.dk

About Edgeware
Edgeware is a technology leader supplying revolutionary server systems for on-demand TV, with unmatched cost efficiency. Addressed applications include Time Shift TV, VoD and nPVR for Cable and Telco (IPTV) deployments.

The Orbit 2x streaming server is driving a revolution that enables truly distributable on-demand video architectures. Through disruptive technology choices, such as solid-state flash memory content storage and hardware streaming, Orbit 2x offers a radically different approach to server design, specifically addressing the requirements of modern on-demand TV systems.

Edgeware's system solutions are chosen by leading service providers, ranging from hospitality to Tier 1 operators.
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