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IPTV Buyer's Guide
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IPTV Test and Monitoring Solution

Sunrise Telecom Launches packetWORX IPTV Test and Monitoring Solution

Mar 27, 2012

Sunrise Telecom® Incorporated (OTC: SRTI), a market-leading provider of test, monitoring and workflow management solutions for cable, telecom, wireless operators, and equipment manufacturers, today expanded its robust portfolio of network test and measurement solutions with the launch of the packetWORX™ IPTV Suite.

The Sunrise Telecom packetWORX Suite, which includes the server-based packetWORX IPTV Monitoring system and packetWORX IPTV Analyzer application for premise troubleshooting, enables system operators to quickly and easily install, maintain and troubleshoot IPTV networks, increasing the efficiency of field technicians and reducing operating expenses.

“As the increase in demand for IP-based video among businesses and consumers grows, it is incumbent upon system operators to provide network infrastructures that maximize the quality and reliability of video traffic,” explained Abish Ghimire, Product Manager at Sunrise Telecom. “packetWORX enables operators to deploy and maintain network infrastructures which meet the stringent quality and reliability demands of IPTV services.”

The client-server based packetWORX IPTV Monitor provides 24x7 monitoring of IPTV networks to detect and correct problems before customer Quality of Experience is impacted. Unlike other IP-based monitoring systems, packetWORX utilizes deep packet inspection allowing service providers to pinpoint the root cause of problems affecting the delivery of IPTV services. Providers can set up automatic monitoring for up to 500 channels with pass/fail results.

packetWORX IPTV Analyzer provides a complete solution for the installation and troubleshooting of IPTV at the customer premises. Technicians can test all channels with pass/fail results and get go/no-go results within seconds. Comprehensive video and transport stream statistics provide in-depth detail to determine the root cause of problems. Field technicians can troubleshoot issues in minutes and obtain a full report for the trouble ticket.

For more information regarding the packetWORX IPTV suite please visit our product page at http://www.sunrisetelecom.com/packetWORX.

About Sunrise Telecom Incorporated

Sunrise Telecom is a leader in test and measurement solutions for telecom, cable and wireless networks. The company's robust portfolio of feature-rich, easy-to-use products enables service providers to deliver premium voice, video, data and next-generation digital multimedia services quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively. Based in San Jose, California, Sunrise Telecom distributes its products through a direct sales force and global network of sales representatives and distributors. For more information, visit http://www.sunrisetelecom.com.


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