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Introduction to IPTV Broadcasting Systems
This course provides a high level overview of modern television broadcast systems and infrastructures, with particular focus given to the delivery of TV over the Internet.
IPTV: Internet Protocol Services for TV Distribution and Switching
TV and video delivery systems will increasingly run over networks based upon IP. Engineers need an appreciation of how these services can be deployed reliably in redundant systems.
IPTV: Advanced Internet Protocol Services for TV Distribution and Switching
A two day training course aimed at experienced systems engineers, integrators, developers and designers who already have a basic understanding of IP and need to upgrade this to better appreciate how reliable distribution, management, troubleshooting and QoS multicast networks can be engineered.
MPEG-4 and DRM in IPTV
This course will provide for such key staff the expertise needed in modern broadcasting technologies. It will demonstrate some of the encoding of programming and the conversion from one standard to another.
Windows Middleware for IPTV
With the development of IPTV and increasing interest in network based TV there is a need to undestand the platform tools available to develop and control TV applications. Microsoft now have many very powerful tools to assist in these developments. This course provides a fast introduction to Microsoft Media and TV Tools.

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