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IPTV Test Tools on IPTV Industry


First Media

First Media is a technology based product company focused in providing Video QoE Monitoring solutions to the Next Generation Triple/Quad play Network Providers in enhancing end user experience. First Mediaís technology platforms address end to end monitoring of video delivery on the entire spectrum of IP based video delivery such as IPTV and Mobile

TV. Our suite of Monitoring platforms and Test & Measurement tools that we have developed have built-in the knowledge capital of fundamentally understanding network elements from an edge level all the way through its levels.

AnaCise Testnology Pte Ltd

AnaCise's product solutions provide carriers and service providers with advanced convergent technologies test solutions for ease of installation and maintenance for introducing new revenue-generating services.


Azimuth Systems is an innovator in wireless data communications test solutions that analyze functionality, interoperability, and performance of wireless devices and networks.


Empirix is a source for test and monitoring solutions that measure, manage, and enhance the performance of Web and voice applications, contact centers and communications networks.


EXFO is a recognized test and measurement expert in the global telecommunications industry. The Telecom Division offers fully integrated and complete test solutions to network service providers (NSPs), cable TV operators, telecom system vendors and component manufacturers in approximately 70 countries.

Frederick Engineering Inc.

FE provides a wide range of handheld test sets and Software analyzers that are designed to turn up, troubleshoot and maintain IPTV and triple play services.

Genista Corporation

Genista solutions use computational models of human visual and auditory systems to measure what viewers see and hear. Resulting perceptual metrics complement existing technologies by predicting experienced quality measured by a Mean Opinion Score (MOS) formerly assessed using subjective tests from actual viewers.

Harris Corporation

Harris puts the "TV" in IPTV and Mobile TV with solutions for headend video processing, encoding and media management, test and monitoring, branding and graphics, advanced advertising, personalized and local content.


IneoQuest Technologies, Inc., providers of the industryís first and only unified business solution that audits, monitors, analyzes and troubleshoots digital video from a multi-dimensional perspective, serves customers in the telephony, cable, broadcast and network equipment industries.


Invex3G, an industry standard data collection platform used by leading operators and independent testing companies, now supports high-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA), the packet-based data service enhancement of the W-CDMA standard.


A leading provider of optical products and test and measurement solutions for the communications industry, the JDSU technology portfolio is a key enabler for optical solutions in industries such as broadband communications, semiconductor manufacturing, document authentication, brand protection, and biotechnology.


MiraVidís solutions focus performance while providing tools to validate, analyze, and optimize efficiency of digital media. MiraVid creates analyzer tools and core video technologies for optimal delivery of video content.


Omnicor your supplier of high quality components and test and measurement systems. We are located  in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. Our product partners are leading US, Japanese and European manufacturers. 


OPTICOM's PEVQ provides MOS scores of the video quality for IPTV, streaming video, mobile TV and video telephony. PEVQ measures degradations occurring through a network by analyzing the degraded video signal output from the network.

Semaca Ltd

Video Quality Testing for IPTV applications. VQLab's robust, multi-threaded implementation delivers excellent speed performance and can take full advantage of the new multi-core/multi-processor computer systems.

Spirent Communications

Leading communications companies use Spirentís lab test solutions to evaluate performance of latest technologies. Spirent provides tools for service management and field test to improve troubleshooting and quality.


Telchemy is the leading provider of software technology for monitoring IPTV performance and quality, and for troubleshooting IP problems that impact service quality.

Venera Technologies

Venera's new IVPA technology enables real time video quality monitoring on IP/wireless networks. Expertise in the Digital Video Test & Measurement domain with more than 60 licensed users for its Video Analyzer product.

Video Clarity

To simplify video quality testing, any video sequence can be played; while capturing another , thus, combining the video server, capture device, and quantitative video analysis into one unit.

Witbe, Inc.

Witbe provides a performance management service that continuously measures and displays the perceived experience of end-users using any application accessed via a network. The measurements can be made using any access technology available today. Some of the applications monitored by Witbe are voice and video, web services and applications, IVR, etc. Service is available both in ASP and licensed mode.

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