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Group for local IPTV broadcasters to share views and aid each other in the setting up and running of local/niche channels on the IPTV network. Actors, Presenters, Camera people, sound, writers or anyone who feels they fit in. The group is not limited to country so views can be shared globally. Please remember to indicate both your area of interest and the area you live. Try to put your country or your area of the country to help everyone. The group is moderated and all messages as well as memberships will be at the discretion of moderator. Global Digital Broadcast will be available on the group to assist with any technical questions. There web-site www.gdbtv.com is the first stop for more info about IPTV.

Welcome to the first IPTV local channel and it members from the UK TVbrighton.

TVoI TV over Internet

This is a professional group for TV Video over Internet. IPTV, IP-TV. DVB-IP...

Looking for suppliers? Looking for customers? Looking for content? Looking for services? Post information, questions and requests here.


in this groups, we discuss the IPTV technology

itvt InteractiveTV Today [itvt]

A focused and compact email news publication, InteractiveTV Today [itvt] covers the emerging industry of interactive television (cable, satellite, IP broadband, wireless) in the U.S and internationally. The goals of [itvt] are to report on the latest industry developments and related technologies; feature the companies and people building the marketplace and the policies; investigate new content forms, and commerce integration projects.

Scientific Atlanta_Group Investor Information and Events

Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. provides its customers with broadband transmission networks, digital interactive subscriber systems, content distribution networks and worldwide customer service and support. The Company has evolved from a manufacturer of electronic test equipment for antennas and electronics to a producer of a wide variety of products for the cable television industry, including digital video, voice and data communications products. The Company is changing the way consumers interact with their televisions, and is a supplier of transmission networks for broadband access to the home, digital interactive subscriber systems for video, high speed Internet, voice over IP (VoIP) networks, and worldwide customer service and support. Scientific-Atlanta is applying its expertise to the current convergence of the personal computer and the television, and helping to extend multimedia broadband applications to new platforms via the set-top.

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