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IPTV Equipment


ADB provides a diverse range of products to the worldwide digital television industry. We supply digital set-top boxes across all television transmission platforms including cable, IPTV, satellite and terrestrial. With millions of digital set-top boxes sold worldwide, our

experience and proven ability to develop and deliver products ahead of the competition have confirmed ADB as one of the most advanced and trustworthy partners of choice for television operators.

Through our unique end-to-end understanding of set-top box software, ADB is able to design and supply highly efficient and optimized hardware platforms ahead of the competition.

Digital Rapids

Digital Rapids is the leading provider of hardware and software solutions for bringing video to wider audiences and the latest viewing devices. Scaling from standalone appliances to complete enterprise and global workflows, our systems for transforming and distributing media provide unparalleled productivity, quality, flexibility and efficiency while streamlining

our customers' operations and lowering their costs. Enabling superior multi-screen live and on-demand viewing experiences, powerful file-based workflows and efficient B2B content distribution, our solutions span video capture/ingest, encoding, transcoding, management, streaming, playout and delivery. Our products empower applications including Internet TV, IPTV, VOD, post production, broadcast, mobile video and more


Exterity has created a range of IPTV products to provide simple, cost effective ways to distribute television and video feeds, live and on-demand, using your existing IP computer network. Companies benefiting from this technology include corporate, education, hospitality, broadcast, finance, transport, construction and venue/stadium organisations.

XAVi Technologies Corporation

XAVi Technologies Corp launches its industry-leading High Definition Pisces®111 IPTV Set-Top Box, a member of Pisces® series family and has integrated DVB-T and 802.11n functionality with three MIMO antennas to streaming reliable HD video content through

wireless. XAVi Technologies is an ODM manufacturer specializing on digital home equipments and broadband CPE for delivering triple-play services. With its excellent R&D capabilities and effective production capacities, XAVi Technologies can provide satisfactory services to fulfill different customers’ needs. 

Advanced Media Technologies, Inc

AMT is the innovation and performance leader among high-end Broadband equipment providers.

Broadband Network Systems Ltd.

Broadband Network Systems Ltd is a Strategic Consultancy, Technology Integrator and Content Aggregator, providing advanced Broadband TV solutions to the service provider community. Headquartered in Hong Kong.

CSC Global Technologies

CSC is a company with a revolutionary VIDEO COMPRESSION technology that delivers high quality full motion video over the public and private networks.

Design of Systems on Silicon

Design of Systems on Silicon S.A. (DS2), is the leading supplier of silicon and software for Power line Communi-cations (PLC) and the first company to develop and market PLC chipsets delivering data rates of up to 200 Mbps.

Entone Technologies

Entone is a leading provider of consumer premise equipment (CPE) solutions that enable the delivery of IPTV services. Entone enables service operators to reliably deliver IPTV services using existing in-home cabling.


Envivio is the leader in IP video convergence solutions using MPEG-4 technology to make IP video a reality over any type of network and to any multimedia device – from 3G to xDSL and from mobile TV to HDTV.


HaiVision Systems Inc. is a premier supplier of high quality, broadband interactive video communication equipment to telecom carriers, service providers, and video systems integrators worldwide.

Harris Corporation

Harris puts the "TV" in IPTV and Mobile TV with solutions for headend video processing, encoding and media management, test and monitoring, branding and graphics, advanced advertising, personalized and local content.

Micronas USA

Micronas, a semiconductor designer and manufacturer with worldwide operations, is a leading supplier of cutting-edge IC and sensor system solutions for consumer and automotive electronics. Headquartered in Switzerland.


Omnicor is a supplier of high quality vacuum interrupters, vacuum capacitors, and Ethernet test and measure-ment systems. Located in Silicon Valley, CA. they partner with leading US, Japanese, European manufacturers.

Optibase, Inc.

Optibase is a leading provider of high quality IPTV streaming, encoding, decoding and video server upload solutions for telecom operators, service providers, broadcasters and content creators.

Power & Tel

Power & Tel is an independent distributor of material for the telecommunications and cable TV industries. We stock over 10,000 products from top manufacturers.


ReadyLinks utilizes proven industry standards to develop robust products with low acquisition and support costs. The emphasis on robust design ensures the equipment will perform well in a variety of environments.

Shenick Network Systems

Meeting the challenges of network 'business class' service quality by the introduction of new revenue generating applications for next generation broadband network equipment vendors and IP network service providers.

Siemens Ltd.

Siemens offers total flexibility by providing two options. Choose to smoothly migrate your network into the IP world, or keep your existing network up and running until it is replaced by IP technology at a later point in time.

Softier IL Ltd.

Softier develops, manufactures and markets IP set-top boxes and client application software platforms. Targets Telcos, new generation service providers, OEMs and global system integrators.


SysMaster is a leading vendor of voice, video, and data equipment, serving emerging and traditional telecoms and service providers. Offers extensive line of Voice-over-IP, IPTV, and Wireless products and solutions.

Visioneering Corporation

Visioneering develops unique digital video technology for a variety of markets and applications including the rapidly expanding internet protocol television (IPTV) and intelligent video security and surveillance markets.

Xoasis Networks, Inc.

Teaming with hosting clients and big industry heavy weights from major name brands like Intel, Gigabyte, and MSI to produce the world's leading IP PBX, TurnKey v4.0., Xoasis Networks (now in its fourth generation) continues to be a dominant force in the world wide IP PBX business.

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