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Interactive Television - Sports

TANDBERG Television and TSN Bring Interactivity to the Canadian Football League

Other Topics: IPTV Security Software, Digital Video Services - Online, Live Streaming Flash Video, IPTV Security

TANDBERG Television
September 7, 2006

New “TSN Interactive” online service provides real-time excitement, engaging viewers in on-screen competition

Los Angeles, CA -- TANDBERG Television (TAT.OL) today announced an expansion of television interactivity into Canada through a deal with TSN, the leading Canadian sports television channel. In collaboration with TANDBERG Television, TSN will launch a new web-based synchronized interactive television application to engage viewers in the competition on screen and enhance TSN’s programming of the Canadian Football League this season. Sponsored by Molson, Inc., Canada’s largest brewing company, the new interactive application will launch September 8 on TSN.ca.
“This announcement marks a major step forward in sports for combined online/broadcast technology in Canada,” said Phil King, President, TSN. “TSN Interactive will directly enhance the television experience for CFL fans, allowing them to connect with the game – and each other – in a fun and competitive online environment.”

As viewers enter the TSN Interactive application, they will choose a team to support in the game. Viewers will gain or lose points throughout the game, as their team scores or is penalized on-air. Tying the individual score to the team enhances the viewer’s investment in the game and encourages rivalries among interactive players. As events unfold on-air, facts and figures about the players will be available for supplemental information.

In addition, the service will allow viewers to engage in chat rooms, answer polls and answer trivia questions for points. Viewers will also be able to wager percentages of their scores on predictions throughout the live game and engage in two football mini-games: field goal kicking and quarterback passing plays. The interactive interface incorporates Molson branding elements throughout the application, providing a new platform for the advertiser to engage with consumers.

“TSN Interactive is a great example of how networks can incorporate interactivity into programming that dramatically enhances the television experience,” said Eric Cooney, President and CEO of TANDBERG Television. “Viewers are already multi-tasking while viewing sports, often comparing online stats while watching the game on TV. This application will provide sports fans with a fully immersive and interactive environment to leverage that interest and engage them more deeply in the broadcast.”

About TANDBERG Television
Whether it’s advanced compression systems, on-demand or interactive television, TANDBERG Television (TAT.OL) delivers the technology and expertise that is moving digital video forward. The company’s award-winning solutions are used by the world’s leading network operators, broadcasters and content owners to deliver new viewer experiences and advertising opportunities. With a broad suite of open, standards-based products, TANDBERG Television offers the highest quality digital TV solutions including IPTV, HDTV, video-on-demand, advertising on-demand, and interactive TV applications to customers in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa. For more information, please visit www.tandbergtv.com.

For media information:
Gay Bell
+44 208 964 9149

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