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IPTV Set-Top Boxes on IPTV Industry


ADB provides a diverse range of products to the worldwide digital television industry. We supply digital set-top boxes across all television transmission platforms including cable, IPTV, satellite and terrestrial. With millions of digital set-top boxes sold worldwide, our

experience and proven ability to develop and deliver products ahead of the competition have confirmed ADB as one of the most advanced and trustworthy partners of choice for television operators.

Through our unique end-to-end understanding of set-top box software, ADB is able to design and supply highly efficient and optimized hardware platforms ahead of the competition.

XAVi Technologies Corporation

XAVi Technologies Corp launches its industry-leading High Definition Pisces®111 IPTV Set-Top Box, a member of Pisces® series family and has integrated DVB-T and 802.11n functionality with three MIMO antennas to streaming reliable HD video content through

wireless. XAVi Technologies is an ODM manufacturer specializing on digital home equipments and broadband CPE for delivering triple-play services. With its excellent R&D capabilities and effective production capacities, XAVi Technologies can provide satisfactory services to fulfill different customers’ needs. 

AccessKey IP, Inc.

AccessKey IP, Inc. is a developer of cutting-edge technologies and best-of-breed products tailored to address the market opportunities created by the explosive growth of digital communications, entertainment-related services and specific consumer electronics platforms.

Alliance Computer Systems Inc (ACS)

ACS have been involved in all phases of enterprise-wide projects fromNeeds Analysis through Implementation to ongoing Systems and Business Support.


Amino Communications supplies the AmiNET™ series of high performance IPTV set-top boxes and gateways for deployment in the telecommunications, broadcast and hospitality markets.

Araneo LTD

Araneo is a specialist company offering Set Top Box solutions for IP and IP/DVB applications specifically tailored to the new generation of IP deployments worldwide.

Backspace Communications

IPTV System Operator Backspace Communications is a next generation network headend broadcasting live television channels, digital music, premium quality movies, video on demand, and pay per view specials.

Beijing Digital Transvideo Technology Co., Ltd.

Transvideo is a H.264 based IPTV end to end solution provider. KyLinTV is an US based IPTV service operator which deployed Transvideo's turnkey solution and products. KyLinTV is now delivery 32 Chinese channels and 15000+ Chinese VOD contents to Chinese American in North America.

Celrun Co., Ltd.

In the IP set-top box market, which has seen its paradigm shift while competition has intensified, Celrun has been focusing on creating packages with its unique software and middleware.


With a heritage of over ten years developing multimedia appliances and set top boxes, Complete Media Systems has unrivalled experience in the technologies associated with converged multimedia networks.


"HUMAX" comes from a previous product model name. We want our consumers to enjoy the prime time made possible by digital broadcasting in the most comfortable way possible.


Infoeq is, privately owned, aiming toward worldwide leader of embedded OS and multimedia terminal related "Information Appliances" in the era of high-speed network (broadband) with its own technology and strong capability of marketing.


MatrixStream has developed an end-to-end system that will revolutionize the way people watch TV, movies and videos using patent-pending MatrixCast™ technology.


Netgem set-top boxes give subscribers the ability to email and surf the internet from their television. i-Player is the only Freeview receiver that lets you send and receive emails and surf the Web on your television.

Pace Micro

Pace has developed a range of set-top products that address many of the critical factors holding back deployment including investment issues, bandwidth and future-proofing.


StreamTel is the leading provider and manufacturer of Hi-Tech systems for the digital television and telecom markets, enabling operators to manage and deliver both High-Definition and Standard Definition contents to fixed and mobile audiences.


IPTV, Video-on-Demand, as well as for web browsing and e-mail. Mood™ products allows you to offer a wide range of interactive services on existing TV and audio equipment.


Video/Imaging DesignLine connects you to critical electronics knowledge no matter who created that knowledge — us, a vendor, or even one of our competitors. If you need to know about it, you'll find it here.


The company develops unique digital video technology for a variety of markets and applications including the rapidly expanding internet protocol television (IPTV) and intelligent video security and surveillance markets.


Wegener optimizes end-to-end media distribution for dynamic multi-site networks.


Wisembed is an IP Set Top Box company with core technology of "Digital convergence", a joint of broadcasting, telecommunication networks and information service, based on the high-speed broadband network.


Wyplay is a Europe-based ODM providing a range of internationally recognized full-HD IP & DVB STB and in-home HDD-multimedia reference designs. Wyplay’s STB and multimedia designs have an unsurpassed range of connectivity and media playability capabilities. In addition to an impressive technical and performance pedigree, Wyplay customizes and provides an elegant, intuitive, and easy-to-use subscriber UI that is pivotal in delivering an unmatched Quality of Experience for the most demanding IPTV customer.

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