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IPTV HD Video Transport System

Network Electronics Demonstrates 3Gbps Video Transport Solutions for HD 1080p at IBC2007

Other Topics: IPTV Customer Control, IPTV Embedded Software, IPTV HD DVR Services

Network Electronics
September 4, 2007

Amsterdam, Holland -- Network Electronics, manufacturer of the VikinX router and Flashlink signal processing and optical video transport ranges, announced today the IBC debut of new video transport solutions that enable the transport of 1080p 50/60 HD video over 3G-SDI single link connections. In addition, Network Electronics and Gennum, the first company to provide chipsets supporting the ITU and SMPTE 3 Gbps standards, are showing a joint live demonstration of 3 Gbps video transport at IBC.
These solutions combine to enable broadcasters to transport 1080p 50/60 HD video over a single 3Gbps link, providing many economic and technical advantages over the main alternative, utilising dual-link 2 x 1.5 Gbps links. Network Electronics (8.270) is demonstrating these solutions live at IBC2007, in collaboration with Gennum (10.119). The demonstration sees 1080p HD video being transported over fibre from the Gennum stand to the Network Electronics stand, using Networks Electronics’ router and optical transport solutions.

“The broadcast industry is already starting to move production to 1080p 50/60. When a live event’s being covered in 1080p, the broadcaster is faced with the challenge of selecting the transport mechanism that can best meet video quality requirements while staying in budget. I believe that the economic and technical advantages of 3Gbps single link SDI connectivity will make 3Gbps an increasingly popular choice for transporting 1080p video,” says Ronny Sletteng, Product Manager, Network Electronics.

“3 Gbps also has the additional advantage that it has the necessary bandwidth to support the enhanced video formats that are just beginning to increase in importance, such as MPEG-2 4:4:4:4. Visitors to our IBC stand will see that our wide selection of single link 3G ready optical and router solutions means that we ensure that 1080p video over 3Gbps is ready for prime time,” concluded Sletteng.

IBC 3Gbps Single Link SDI Demonstration
The 1080p 50/60 video signal for the live demonstration on the Network Electronics stand (8.270) is generated at the Gennum stand (10.119), converted into the optical domain using the Flashlink 3GHD-EO-2 electrical to optical converter. It is then transported to the Network Electronics stand over a single mode fibre. At the Network Electronics stand, the signal is converted back to electrical by a Flashlink 3GHD-OE-2 optical to electrical converter and displayed on a 1080p60 monitor.

In combination with the groundbreaking fibre optical 3G-SDI modules, Network Electronics also demonstrates VikinX Sublime 3G-SDI routing switchers and Flashlink 3G-SDI distribution amplifiers on its IBC stand.

"Network Electronics is an award-winning provider of signal transport equipment for the professional video and broadcast industry and their innovation continues at this week's IBC," said Martin Rofheart, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Analog and Mixed Signal Division for Gennum. "Leveraging Gennum's new 3Gb/s optical module, Network Electronics is showcasing unprecedented performance and flexibility with their router management system, underscoring the benefits in moving to a 3Gb/s single optical serial link."

3G-Ready products from Network Electronics shown at IBC, include:
  • 3GHD-EO-2 - Flashlink 3Gbps Electrical to Optical converter, 2 channels
  • 3GHD-OE-2 - Flashlink 3Gbps Optical to Electrical converter, 2 channels
  • DA-3GHD - Flashlink 3Gbps Distribution Amplifier with 8 outputs
  • SL-3GHD1616 - Sublime 3Gbps 16 x 16 router
  • SL-3GHD1616-CP - Sublime 3Gbps 16 x 16 router with built-in control panel
  • SL-3GHD1602 - Sublime 3Gbps 16 x 2 router
  • SL-3GHD1602-CP - Sublime 3Gbps 16 x 2 router with built-in control panel

About Network Electronics
Network Electronics provides the broadcast, professional video and telco industries with routing, signal processing and optical transport solutions that set new standards for video transport. The company is an acknowledged leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of award-winning video transport equipment and solutions and has the aim of becoming the global no 1 supplier of routing, signal processing and optical transport for professional video.

Network Electronics’ leading product ranges include the compact and highly popular VikinX router range, the THOR router management system and the Flashlink platform, a range of technologically advanced signal processing and optical multichannel WDM transport solutions. A major use of the company’s products is for the audio and video broadcast of world-class sporting events such as the Olympics and the World Cup. For more information, please visit: www.network-electronics.com

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