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Chinese IPTV Service

KyLinTV Releases Exclusive Chinese Independent Films: Chinese IPTV Service Brings Latest Titles to North America

Other Topics: IPTV Test and Measurement Ecosystem, IPTV Video Server

January 22, 11:42 am ET

Plainview, NY -- KyLinTV just launched a spectacular lineup of China's newest independent films in collaboration with Beijing Cool8 Cultural Development Company Ltd. Unlike other popular titles, the latest releases on KyLinTV illustrate a large collection of works directed by up-and-coming Chinese filmmakers who represent a new generation of movies.

Beijing Cool8 Cultural Development Company Ltd is an innovative cultural organization involved with internet, television series, communication and entertainment. The company is dedicated to supporting original works from mainland China, which has attracted a number of young and promising directors.
This unique selection of new independent films from China feature never before seen works by four directors including Zhao Shubin, Cao Jing, Lu Zhengyu and Hua Cheng, who are university students. Their films explore the individuality and rich experiences of life. The movies received much critical acclaim and several prestigious awards. A Hill directed by Zhao Shubin, won the Artistic Innovation Award by Sichuan Film Critics Association. Masters, a film by Lu Zhengyu, won the third prize of the Amateur Group of the short film competition at the 13th Beijing Film Festival of University Students.

Hua Cheng's If You Were Me won the special prize for short drama competition at the 10th Beijing Film Festival of University Students. All of these award winning independent films are part of the new movie selections now available on KyLinTV.

"KyLinTV introduces innovative Chinese directors to the international market and provides exposure for young producers. KyLinTV's independent films and ever increasing content selections deepen the understanding of Chinese culture around the world," said Jacob Sung, Director of Sales and Marketing for KyLinTV.

About KyLinTV
KyLinTV is the first and only IPTV service dedicated to the Chinese community living in North America, offering both live broadcast as well as 20,000+ hours of video on demand programming. For more information on KyLinTV programming please visit http://www.kylintv.com

The service comes to the marketplace through the stewardship of two key investors, Charles B. Wang, founder of Computer Associates, and Charles Dolan, founder of Cablevision and Home Box Office. Production is made possible through technology partnerships with NeuLion, Inc. of Plainview, New York and Trans Video of Beijing, China.

The NeuLion iPTV solution delivers KyLinTV content over the public internet direct to television throughout North America, live and in real time. NeuLion is the Future of Television: No PC Required http://www.neulion.com

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